21 November 2009

Graphic As A Star

Ochre leaves, mica and amethyst pieces, a lock of hair tied up in a yellow ribbon, dried flowers, an antler shard, dead moths, baby teeth, tarnished bullets, a golden ring, indigo yarn, a red cardinal feather, dandelion seeds and other commonplace detritus spun into endless kaleidoscopic geometric varieties.

07 November 2009

Eve of All Souls

Encouraged by my sister, I ventured to the far northern shore of Lake Pontchartrain to the small village of Lacombe to take part in the annual lighting of the graves on All Saints Night. . .

A blackened unmarked path gives way to a dark field; and without guidance, you must make your way until that enclave of tiny dazzling flames appears.

Sound: Sun Snarling by TwinSisterMoon